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2019 Bronze Best Customer Acquisition Campaign


Agency: Stretton & Stretton, Loveable, addmustard and The Kite Factory

Client: Marsh & Parsons

Campaign Name: Moving London

Campaign Overview

London estate agency Marsh & Parsons wanted to grow its client base by 10%.

Simple enough - apart from London’s worst property slump in a decade.


Stretton & Stretton defied the rules for estate agent ads - despite Marsh & Parsons' survival resting on the agency doing the right thing.

The strategy was based on a revelation. Nobody had clocked that sellers were just as anxious as stallers - people waiting for Brexit or the market to pick up.

The campaign focused on building emotional bonds rather than all-out sales.

Estate agents are among the UK’s most disliked professions in the UK. The trick was to do the opposite of what the target audience saw as classic tactics.


Trust was built by people becoming familiar with Marsh & Parsons on their commute through a flow of witty ads.

But these also included the brand truth: matching people to property for 160 years.

That unique claim was pivotal to building trust among anxious movers.

The work appeared different to typical estate agency ads to overcome some people’s mental barrier of believing them.

Well-crafted work made people aware that Marsh & Parsons were high-quality people who could be trusted to match them to high-quality properties.

Londoners also felt understood.

The witty ads celebrated citizens’ attitudes, leaving the confines of property to reflect people’s real hot topics.


The uplift in conversion was a significant 65%.
This translated into 20% more instructions, 200% the initial target.

Marsh & Parsons rose from seventh to third place among high-street estate agents.

The Team

Michael Baulk, Chairman, Marsh & Parsons - Marcus Flacks, Marketing Director, Marsh & Parsons - Steve Stretton, Creative Consultant, Stretton & Stretton - Sarah Stretton, Creative Consultant, Stretton & Stretton - Nick Myers, Strategic Consultant, Loveable - Lawrence Hunt, Chairman, addmustard - Alex Lord, Marketing Executive, Marsh & Parsons - Stacey Jannusch, Senior Marketing Manager, Marsh & Parsons - Agathe Altwegg, Senior Creative, addmustard - Elliot Tyers, Senior Data & Performance Analyst, addmustard - Joseph Patterson, Technical Director, addmustard - Reece Starr, Creative Director, addmustard - Rochelle Snow, Managing Director, addmustard

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