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2018 Silver Technology


Agency: Really B2B

Client: NIIT Technologies

Campaign name: Innovating Easy

Campaign overview

Changing perceptions to highlight innovation

The brief

Move management training company NIIT from challenger-level delivery supplier to innovation partner


Although successful, NIIT was perceived as a challenger brand by some clients, limiting growth.

It wanted to target a particular client, air transport communications firm SITA, to reposition from delivery supplier to innovation partner, increasing revenue from the account by 10% along the way.

An ABM campaign – a new approach for NIIT – was created to align with SITA’s strategic goals, change perceptions, engage with senior stakeholders globally and establish new, higher-value relationships.

Detailed research was gathered on target contacts to understand their focus and contribution to SITA’s five-year plan.


A bespoke experience was created for key decision-makers within SITA, encompassing an event where the client’s Atlanta office was taken over, direct mail – including mock flight tickets that incorporated NFC technology – and personalised content experiences using microsites that demonstrated understanding of individuals’ challenges.

The creative clearly introduced how NIIT wanted to be seen in a bid to change perceptions for good: a partner of choice, ensuring SITA was at the forefront of realising the transformational power that innovative technology can bring.

This was declared in a bold statement, “Innovating Easy” – indicating that SITA could rely on NIIT to take their relationship to a higher level by knowing how to innovate for easier air travel, without fuss.


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Really B2B - Kirsty Dawe, Managing Director - Jeff Dickenson, Creative Director - Chris Manns, Strategy & Planning Director - Jonathan Pink, Senior Creative

NIIT Technologies - Gareth Case, Marketing Director - Europe & Americas

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