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2018 Silver Best use of door drops


Entrant: Umbrella and The Letterbox Consultancy

Agency: Blue Chip Marketing

Client: Essity

Campaign name: Launch of Cushelle Quilted

Campaign overview

A Koala called Kenny and some superior toilet tissue

The brief

To launch a new superior quilted variant of Cushelle toilet tissue via targeted door drops.

The challenge was to raise awareness, and increase sales.


The aim was to drive sales of Cushelle’s new quilted toilet tissue, while avoiding cannibalisation of existing Cushelle buyers.

Targeting profiled consumers with a proven propensity to spend more on quality products, and was geared to older households across UK regions and postcodes that over-indexed against quilted shoppers.

This methodology identified the four million UK households with the highest penetration of quality-focused consumers and a known propensity to buy competitor quilted toilet tissue, while avoiding current Cushelle shoppers.

Meanwhile, three distribution channels were selected based on optimum ROI, and money-off coupons in the door drop leaflet provided multiple benefits.

The doordrop was scheduled to land one week after the TV advertising campaign launched, reinforcing and maximising the brand message.


IPSOS research guided the creative strategy with insight revealing high levels of audience resonance for Kenny the Koala.

The subsequent role of the creative was to deliver impact on the doormat to encourage retention; communicate the premium quality of the product; and maximise coupon usage.

To maximise standout, the design moved away from the traditional rectangular format to a cut-out of Kenny the Koala as the hero image.

Kenny was in perfect synergy with the soft brand message, and guaranteed to appeal to mums.

The use of purple as the dominant colour, along with a premium paper stock, reinforced the idea of quality.

The use of a powerful value-led headline – £2 OFF – encouraged engagement with the content.

Upon opening, the coupons were clearly labelled for first and second use, making the redemption process easier.


The two £1 off coupons substantially outperformed historical averages for this type of mechanic.

The second coupon (with an extended redemption period) is forecast to redeem at the same level as the first, indicating that the strategy doubled the brand’s chances of making it on to people’s shopping lists.

Recipients have retained the second coupon and are still redeeming it in store six months after the drop date.

Coupons were redeemed evenly across the major retailers in line with their market shares, indicating a successful mass-reach approach.

Halfway through the campaign, sales of Cushelle Quilted had increased 73% while maintaining sales for Cushelle Original, indicating that the targeting strategy had successfully worked to encourage brand switch from competing brands and drive sales across the portfolio.


Blue Chip Marketing - Jessica Harper, Senior Account Director

Essity - Joanna Kirwin, Brand Controller

Umbrella - Brendan Fraser Smith, Director

Letterbox Consultancy -Neal Dodd, Director

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