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2018 Silver Best customer acquisition campaign


Agency: Havas helia

Client: Ella's Kitchen

Campaign name: Ella's Kitchen Weaning Programme

Campaign overview

Becoming a parent’s best friend

The brief

With new owners, Ella's were tasked with 10% growth.

But with a smaller budget than competitors, it was a significant challenge. Something revolutionary was needed to ensure parents chose Ella's.


Ella’s were under pressure.

They couldn't build a brand like a traditional FMCG with campaign bursts, and couldn't afford to be present only a few times a year.

A few powerful insights underpinned the campaign.

Over 130,000 new parents had started weaning without Ella’s talking to them; they had to stay true to their “kids first” principles; and new parents feel overwhelmed by information and struggle to focus on relevancy.

So the campaign called for an integrated online weaning programme that would recruit parents into the brand just as they started searching for weaning advice

They would need to regularly engage parents with content that followed them on their journey, and turn parents into vocal advocates for the brand.


To build genuine connections, the campaign built a genuinely connected ecosystem of creative to position Ella's as an every stage partner.

A recruitment plan on Facebook and Instagram targeted parents just as they entered the category, and from there the ecosystem started building connections.

Those who joined received a personalised weaning pack in the post, and a series of emails served the right content for the milestones in their child's development

30+ pieces of YouTube Content gave parents tips to help and inspire them, and the website provided easily navigable knowledge on feeding and nutritionals

The social channels were busy, housing live chats with a nutritionist, and surfacing tips and advice from other parents.

The unique tone of voice - bright, childlike and fun - raised a smile and ensured Ella’s could reassure parents with positivity, warmth and light-hearted fun.


40% of all parents entering weaning in the UK are recruited into Ella's eCRM programme, equating to c.13,000 per month.

The programme has significantly increased prompted awareness of Ella's Kitchen by five points, and increased consideration by eleven pts.

Parents engaged with the whole of the eCRM programme: The email open rates stayed at or above 20% throughout the programme.

And the social channels enjoyed higher levels of engagement than any competitor.

Ella’s is a permanent fixture in parent's homes, with parents placing wall charts on their fridges.

Parents have become a media channel for Ella’s in their own right, with content and assets regularly shared on social.

And Ella's Kitchen became the number one desired baby food brand for the first time.


Havas helia - Nick Lee, Business Director - Clare Phayer, Strategy Director

Hain Celestial - Celia Pearman, Chief Marketing Officer

Ella's Kitchen - Kim Gelling, Global Marketing Director

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