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2018 Gold Best use of social media


Agency: Team Red: Ogilvy and Wavemaker

Client: VOXI by Vodafone

Campaign name: VOXI: Endless Possibilites

Campaign overview

The power of treating people differently

The brief

How could Vodafone create a connection to a young audience not used to listening?

That was the gauntlet thrown down to Ogilvy and Wavemaker, and they tackled the problem by creating something they knew young people would want.


Young Britons are tech-savvy, wellconnected and do things differently – and their mobile phone is the start button for everything.

With varied interests and opinions, they challenge stereotypes and show little patience for traditional advertising.

So Ogilvy and Wavemaker and their client Vodafone listened to their young audience so they could find out what they wanted.

They created VOXI, a bespoke mobile network for under-25s. The core offering – Endless Social Media Without Eating Data – was conceived from learning how data is drained by social apps.

But a killer proposition isn’t enough.

A unique content platform only delivered the content the audience wanted to see: fresh, distinctive and diverse.

Most importantly, this revolution wasn’t televised, it was social. YouTube and other social channels were the focus because VOXI lives and breathes social, and was built for endless social usage.


The campaign faced a specific creative challenge.

They needed to produce content that was high quality, could cut-through, and add value, all while holding a brand message for a brand with zero awareness.

To meet the challenge, Ogilvy and Wavemaker enrolled 100 young visual artists cast from a wide pool of
photographers, filmmakers, animators and illustrators from all over the UK.

Each creator was handpicked and set about making content rooted in interests and passions.

Content featuring arcade battles, weird toast ghosts and gorging on 100s and 1000s hints at the variety of work the creators brought to the campaign.

Curated daily, the in-house editorial client/agency team pushed out four to five weekly pieces through VOXI’s social channels.

The outputs are authentic, and are dictated by what the creators felt would appeal to the audience at the time.


In seven months, over 120 distinctive pieces of Youth Generated Content (YGC) have been published.

The content has been viewed over 31 million times on social media.

And it’s cutting through: VOXI has now reached 31% awareness levels within 16-24s.

It’s making an impression: engagement levels on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are above brand and media benchmarks.

Most importantly, the work has built a desirable, credible brand for the audience.

VOXI possesses the characteristics of ‘innovative’ and ‘modern’ – two highly valued brand traits for that audience.

And the effect isn’t just felt on VOXI: consideration for Vodafone is up 3% amongst 16-24s.

Finally, 75% of VOXI customers aged 16-24 said they would recommend VOXI to a friend.


Ogilvy - Dani Matthews, Creative Director & Head of Design - Dani O'Donnell, Business Director - Danny Gilchrist, Account Director - Polly Saunders, Account Executive - Charlotte Walters, Planner - Sara Barqawi, Junior Planner

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