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2018 Gold Best brand building campaign


Agency: Different Kettle

Client: Children's Hospice Association Scotland

Campaign name: The joy of CHAS

Campaign overview

Bringing a charity closer to the children it seeks to help

The brief

15,000 children in Scotland live with an incurable condition that will cut their lives short.

But the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS), the charity best equipped to support them and their families, was only reaching a tiny fraction of them.

A profound step-change in brand perception was needed.


Strategy Creativity Results In 2015 a report commissioned by CHAS found over 15,000 children in Scotland live with an incurable condition that will cut their lives tragically short.

CHAS is the only charity in Scotland that provides hospice services for children with life-shortening conditions and it was only reaching a fraction of the audience.

A profound brand shift was needed to heighten awareness of CHAS’ mission.

A series of workshops and crossstakeholder research work sought to find out what CHAS could do to help – and how a member of the public can be motivated to support them.

Time and again families shared how CHAS, even in the face of such awful outcomes, had helped families find a sense of joy.

And so the people of Scotland were asked to gift ‘joy’ to some very special families.


It was families who brought the campaign the ‘joy’ insight.

So CHAS and Different Kettle asked children of CHAS families to design their very own letter for a brand new CHAS alphabet.

These letters would help to tell the stories of the children, their families and the CHAS team members who care for them.

From a practical point of view, the letters unified the disparate strands of the CHAS brand.

These include CHAS’s two hospices (Rachel and Robin House), an at home service and Diana Nurses working in the NHS.

Where the alphabet visually expresses joy, the campaign CTA, ‘Keep the joy alive’, invites the public to join the mission.

Asking them to declare their support by spelling out their own name in CHAS letters generated thousands of new leads.


The Trinity Mirror Group agreed to support the launch of the CHAS alphabet by featuring it on the masthead of the Daily Record, their flagship publication.

The free on and offline coverage they gave to the launch delivered 3.8million opportunities to see, at an estimated PR value of over £0.5 million.

Through an insert, the campaign distributed the entire CHAS alphabet, and over 10,000 people used the letters to show their support.

Tracking research in February 2018 showed awareness of CHAS had grown, and over 130,000 Scottish adults got to hear about CHAS in less than a year.

Fundraising exceeded target in 2017-18 with over 5,000 more gifts versus the previous financial year.

Most importantly of all, referrals to CHAS services rose by 6% – a critical step towards making the CHAS vision a reality, and reaching every single family in Scotland that needs them.

Campaign video


Different Kettle - Nick Holmes, Creative Director - Hannah Sergeant, Senior Account Manager - Dave Sturdy, Art Director - Rob Brookes, Art Director - Tom Paice, Studio Manager

CHAS - Iain McAndrew, Director of Development and Communications - Debbie Mooney, Head of Campaign


Alan Clayton Associates

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