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2017 Silver Best data strategy


Proximity London

Client: P&G

Content Darwinism

Campaign overview

P&G were creating an increasing amount of digital content to reach their audiences.

As their bank of content grew, they needed to clearly define the objectives of each piece and face the perennial problem of measuring its true impact.


When it comes to digital content, there are two main problems that agencies and clients face.

Firstly, the traditional approach of measuring content is fundamentally flawed, with too many individual, platform-centric metrics. Secondly, agencies are often berated for chasing vanity metrics.

Proximity London created a unique approach for P&G and called on Content Darwinism.

P&G's content was pulled into three buckets; content to drive product awareness, content to drive product interest and content to drive product trial.

By organising content into these three buckets, they were able to quickly define the role and objective of each piece of content.


Rather than relying on single measures, Proximity London created a weighted algorithm, which combined multiple metrics, such as clicks, likes, shares, dwell time and conversion rates into one simple score.

When this all came together, they had a single view of every piece of P&G content, and what was working well.

For the first time P&G had a true view and could see the common trends and themes.

For the content that needed editing, the team took learnings from the best-performing activity. Whether that was placement, format, headline, copy length, imagery, or call-to-action, they were able to quickly optimise the creative executions that were live.

Constantly learning and evolving, existing content could be refined in near real-time, as well as feeding into efforts and understandings for new content creation.


The approach has increased the overall engagement score of each piece of content by an average of 67%.

P&G also saw a massive increase in the overall content driving trial or purchase performance of 200%, with some individual scores seeing performance improvements of more than 2,000%.

Let's Get Real - a campaign that inspires women to feel confident enough to reject traditional notions of the perfect mum and woman - was one of the first to apply the principles and learnings of Content Darwinism, culminating in the very first 10/10 score.

Not only have P&G seen key business measures improve, but Content Darwinism has decreased content creation costs by 68%.

As well as implementing Content Darwinism on UK content, P&G has now scaled it to work across its key European markets on other platforms.


Sabrina Gutsche (Brand Manager) P&G - Beth Kerr (Business Director) Proximity London - Claire Tusler (Data Strategy Partner) Proximity London - John Copyw (Treacy Executive Creative Director) Proximity London - Gemma Champ (Editorial Director) Proximity London - Nicola Gill (Copywriter) Proximity London - John O'Sullivan (Art Director) Proximity London - Dean Straw (Analytics Manager) Proximity London - John Brazier (Data Analyst) Proximity London

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