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2017 Gold Best writing



Client: The Open University


Campaign overview

Unfilled career dreams and ambitions had become the norm. It was time to turn ‘one day’ into today.

The Open University wanted to wake-up commuters and show them the life-changing possibilities available in part-time study.


Taking an average of eight hours a week, the daily commute is a routine many sleep-walk through.

Customer insight revealed over four million employees were unfulfilled, with many aware that a new qualification could secure a promotion or even lead them down a new career path. That meant that a multitude of commuters were disengaged, disinterested and dissatisfied.

It also meant there was a message worth disrupting their commute for.

LIDA wanted to show commuters it was possible to juggle studying with their jobs and busy lives, a course with The Open University was the key to unlocking their potential. Leading with the strapline ‘learn anywhere and achieve anything’.


The first thing The Open University had to do was wake up a sleepy, disengaged commuter audience.

Taking over their daily commute with bold and thought-provoking copy-led posters and press-ads, LIDA targeted London tube passengers as well as drivers and rail passengers nationwide.

Challenging headlines shouted across railway platforms; ‘If you’re standing here you could be studying here’ and ‘Do you best work before you get to work’ highlighting how studying could be done anywhere, even on your commute.

From digital billboards beside live departure boards at peak times to roadside ads placed in rush-hour hotspots, all commuters were directed to a unique landing page through the simple call to action to ‘search ‘OU COMMUTE’ to see how’ to request a prospectus.


Despite the high targets that were faced in a significantly declining market, the direct, striking headlines led to 110,000 new enquiries, 114% over the enquiry target.

The campaign exemplified The Open University’s bold tone of voice, separating it as more accessible than traditional kinds of universities.

The results, demonstrating the success of turning the commute into an opportunity – with thousands of people now using their daily routine as a chance to better their careers, and themselves.


Tori Winn (Executive Creative Director) LIDA - Spencer White (Art Director) LIDA - Jo Legg (Writer) LIDA - Amy Fry (Designer) LIDA - Emma Hargreaves (Strategy Director) LIDA - Adam Reader (Senior Strategist) LIDA - Marc Godbold (Business Director) LIDA - Hamish Day (Account Director) LIDA - Alpa Valentine (Senior Marketing Manager) LIDA - Joel Goodhall (Account Manager) LIDA - Ella Hall (Head of Acquisition & Brand) The Open University - Emma Fleckney (Marketing Manager) The Open University


Mediacom The Open University's (Media Planning and Buying Agency)

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