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Youâre going the wrong way


Loads and loads of snow, impressive dedication from Deliveroo, running the world with Nike and a database of boss ladies.

It has snowed.

White-washing the country’s social media feeds this week; cue pups pouncing through powder, flawless selfie lighting and seriously half-arsed attempts at snowmen (see Japan for more details).

The Beast from the East has sent us all into a frost-fuelled frenzy. But, hey – at least our transport system is handling it we-oh.

Where was this guy in PyeongChang? Dedication from Deliveroo.

Elsewhere, the cooler climate brings out the diva within.

If it’s serious slopes you seek – the land whence winter sports began.

The world has stopped rotating on its axis. What else can save us but the joggers of planet earth featuring a host of US celebs?

More from Nike this week with Choose Go.

The overlord of class-A excess has spoken, sorry kids but drugs are boring.

So many G’s, so little time. The continuation of bandwidth continues, as was on the lips of the data industry at the Mobile World Congress in Spain this week – what you need to know about 5G.

Retailers are fighting back. Taking on Amazon’s brick-and-mortar stores, location intelligence presents brands with new ways to compete.

Oh Brexit, how you continue to toy with us. In the first column in a new series for Creative Review, Creative Industries Federation Chief Executive John Kampfner argues that the impact of Brexit coupled with a short-sighted approach to education is threatening the long-term health of our burgeoning creative industries.

Life in Liverpool. Well, life in Uniform in Liverpool. Front end developer, Oliver Smith tells us more.

This week’s creature feature comes courtesy of Lacoste – who, for the first time in their 85-year history, will make way for a limited edition set of garments, replacing their iconic crocodile logo in favour of a menagerie of ten critters that are threatened by extinction.

On the wayside, Burberry appoint former creative director of Givenchy as their new Chief Creative Officer.

The pigs finally have their sweet, sweet vengeance – yep, bacon is killing you.

Where are the boss ladies? An important question with an important answer; female leadership under the spotlight.

The defining question of our time: have you ever spat in someone’s food?

Mastercard, Pelé and just loads of lads being lads. Multi-cultural appreciation of the beautiful game.

Aching for a sun-drenched field? Roger that.

Complete with brooding vocals and soaring electronics, take a few away from the Storm Emma and lose yourself in The Blaze’s cinematic ‘Heaven’.

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