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Your customer service just needs to not be CRAPâ¦.


All lovely stuff and great examples of brands going the extra mile. When I talk to people I think these stories and the expectation to deliver ‘exceptional’ customer service is a bit intimidating.

In the world of health to be exceptional you need to exercise for 30 mins three times a week, drink 8 glasses of water and 5 portions of fruit or veg a day and have two portions of fish a week.

If you don’t do this - then at least grab an apple with your lunch, have some peas with your pork steak and run up the stairs at work.

I reckon worrying about delivering EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE gets in the way of cracking on and just not being CRAP.

So what is CRAP?

C ……..onsistently Inconsistent.

Don’t say one thing one day and another thing another day.

Take scenarios and make sure that irrespective of the channel, the adviser or the customer service centre the customer is going to get the same answser.

R……epeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Don’t make your customers repeat themselves. Value their time (73% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. *forrester).

If you have to transfer then tell them and do it warm so they aren’t needing to repeat themselves. If they contact you again ideally have a system that ties the caller with the notes from their last transaction.


Don’t make it seem like you don’t care. Whether you are in a claims centre, a holiday booking centre, a funeral care centre or you work on prize winners line (best service I’ve ever worked on!) use all the skills in the contact center’s tool bag to make sure that interactions are addressed with soft skills like listening and empathy.


Through the IVR routing to the confirmation email don’t make any of the bit the customer has to do painful. As the US Army said Keep it Simple Stupid.

Net Easy is the key measurement to make sure you are on the way to getting this bit right.

Start looking at one area of crap this month and in a years’ time there might be no more crap left to worry about. Good luck!

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