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Younger Generations Demand More from Customer Experience- Blog


Dare I say it? I fit this stereotype. I am impatient when undergoing the purchase process, and will not invest time pursuing something that is not relevant to me. With an attention span of next to nothing, part of the 72% that use multiple devices when making purchases, and more than likely to break the journey if any form of hindrance comes in my path, us Millennials are difficult individuals to capture.

However, our digitally-minded generation is only a small portion of the market share with less disposable income than the aging demographic… right? Potentially—but we are just the first wave of population that have been brought up with increasingly high standards for consumer proposition, with an ever-expanding use of social, email, and the internet. With the UK headcount 13 million ahead of estimates made 10 years ago, the percentage of consumers expecting this personalized communication strategy is only going to increase

Let me wind back to the “old school” generations who supposedly aren’t as technologically advanced as their juniors. 68% of all UK travel bookings are now completed on a mobile device, and it is evident that the older generation are making the transition to become just as tech savvy as Millennials. The growing confidence for all age groups in the use of technology for purchasing anything from holidays to pet food is evidently on the incline.

The UK population is showing an increase in use of digital technologies for the purchasing cycle, so much so that the customer journey is no longer linear. Every household contains a range of devices, often from different brands, including tablet, mobile, laptop, and desktop computers. We might begin researching our purchase using our mobile, continue research on our tablet whilst eating dinner, and then complete the purchase on our desktop before we go to bed. But wait, what about that aging demographic that are still using more traditional methodologies behind booking their latest holiday? They too might begin research on their mobile, continue on their tablet, and complete the purchase via an offline channel, like visiting in-store. Now there is a need for combining not only the multitude of online channels, but the offline as well.


For the marketer, now is the time to act. Dell recently conducted a study that concluded 92% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. This breaks down to 204 million emails every minute, 2.5 million items of content shared on Facebook, and over 400k swipes on Tinder (we really are a raunchy race!). This large number of data is only going to increase, and with just 0.5% of it ever being analyzed, it’s not being used effectively. The younger generations are more willing to share personal information, but expect that seamless shopping experience in return.

So, how can you deliver? Dig into the data! Use the information that’s so readily available about your consumers to create a highly personalized, timely, more effective customer experience every time someone interacts with your brand no matter what device or channel they’re on. At Alterian, we allow marketers to Market to the Opportunity, which means that you can send unique, targeted messaging at the ideal moment to your customer, treating them like the individual they are. Our Adaptive Customer Experience Platform is a single, centralized tool where you can gain insight on all of this rich data we’ve discussed and, more importantly, actually act on it.

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