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You should be napping


Napping trends, a football t-shirt to promote male friendship, a see-through suitcase and design from opposite sides of the wall.

We may well be a divided nation but who’s to say one island can’t bring us together?

NB: this is too far Nina. Too. Far.

The many challenges of public napping - a cross our bleary eyes must bear. Following the success of Google’s nap pods, it seems that the art of catching those all-important forty winks could be a bonified thing; with big names like Uber and Ben & Jerry’s following suit.

And if your office still isn’t succumbing to slumberville; grab a colleague, find a bench and snooze your way to a better working day.

One cup to rule them all, one cup to find them, one cup to bring them all and in Russia bind them. That’s seven days and counting until men from different places kick balls with their feet into nets at different times. Tantalising stuff.

It is with this ball-bursting summer on the horizon that F&F and Calm drop their latest campaign: #MARKYOURMAN, created by agency, ODD.

Funny men, Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett front the campaign, sporting a two-part football shirt which aims to promote male friendship, tackling a serious issue with a touch of good ol’ fashioned British humour.

Unicorns. Glitter. Slime. Poo. Kids are weird.

What makes an expert? An appreciation and keen perception of the present, says Dave Trott with his view on why experts don’t lead, but follow.

In the land of retail, House of Fraser announce the closure of 31 of its 59 stores across the UK, affecting some 6,000 jobs.

Art beyond borders. The next AGI Open Conference takes its theme from the threat of Trump’s wall. Mexican graphic designer Alejandro Magallanes and Pentagram New York partner Michael Bierut discuss design from opposite sides of the wall.

Independent working seems to be having a moment, and understandably so. Communications consultant Naomi Oluleye on why it’s a good time to go freelance and how to get off to a great start.

Film. LEGO lovers, delight - Emmet, Lucy, LEGO Batman and the gang are back for round two of unprecedented, block-building mayhem.

Don’t worry, everything is still awesome. Kind of.

Gorillas, surfers and sassy grandmas – the nation’s favourite campaigns revealed.

Ever confused your make-up bag with your pencil case? Crayola just doubled the likelihood of you turning up to the office with biro scrawled across your eyebrows.

If the phrase ‘shareable content’ makes you furious enough to want to throw up your shareable content into a see-through suitcase, we have some bad news.

Good news? Those genius folk at Microsoft, have just dropped a data centre at the bottom of the ocean. Powered by completely renewable energy, this little baby is a serious step forward in Microsoft’s bid to become the leader in cloud computing (look it up).

Move over aubergine. Sayonara see-no-evil monkey. Get out of town pile of poo. 157 new emojis for your delectation.

We’re all overwhelmed, every single gosh darn one of us and with anxiety rife amongst millennials, it really is important for one to see the silly side.

It is in that vein, we turn our eyes to comedic film-maker, Will Hooper for a touch of the awkward and a sprinkling of the absurb.

It goes and it goes and it goes.

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