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World-Class Data Management Never Takes Its Eye Off the Future


In 2019, over a third of marketers felt that brands were able to deliver an exceptional customer experience – but only 18% of consumers agreed.

Find out how to close the experience gap using data management.

The paper by Matt Heffer, Vice President, Solutions, Merkle EMEA, and Emma Martin, Senior Lead, Advertising Consultancy, Merkle EMEA, explores how your brand can progress its data capabilities and attain its maximum potential – without needing an instant major investment in new tech.

World-Class Data Management Never Takes Its Eye Off the Future ensures you’re ready for what lies ahead by answering these fundamental questions for marketers:

  • Why is world-beating data management so important for your brand?
  • How to know where best to transform to meet your current needs, and how can you do so to prepare for future advancement
  • Why the death of the third-party cookie will be incredibly impactful to many brands in the early 2020s
  • Should you continue to activate your DMPs?
  • Is a CDP going to be the holy grail for business?
  • What is the role of personalisation tools?
  • How can you act now to shore up your business’s future success?

Click below to download mobile or desktop versions of the piece.

Download the article by Merkle.

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