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Winning Trust & Building Loyalty


Stating that customers’ expectations are changing, the report reminds us to look at loyalty as not just a reward scheme, vouchers or even memberships, but to instead see it as an emotional connection – a pattern of positive behaviour that is replicated time and time again.

Offering fresh insights into the latest expectations surrounding customer loyalty, this report is backed by strong survey methodology and is certainly a useful resource for building a future business case.

Reflecting the type of work that we are constantly delivering for customers; our top 3 takeaways from the report are as follows:

  1. Uncertainty is pervading the customer landscape.

Highlighting that nearly half of all consumers surveyed confirmed that they find it hard to know which companies to trust, a further 44% of customers are unsure of which marketing messages to believe. autoGraph’s artificial intelligence platform builds faithfulness first, by simply asking the customer to select some of their favourite brands and interests, interacting in a ‘game-like’ environment. At the end, customers are given the option of how much, if any of their actions they would like to share, ensuring that transparency is upheld.

2. Habitual loyalty is increasing but value seeking is a deeply ingrained behaviour.

With 55% of participants admitting that they tend to use the same shops or websites without looking for alternatives, in our opinion; these consumers are fleeting. If a customer is loyal, they have an emotional connection to a brand and do not stay with them out of sheer convenience. We believe that businesses should monitor their customers’ affinity to their own brand as well as their competitors to help distinguish between two different types of customers. From there, businesses can learn how to craft marketing messages that will resonate with both segments.

  1. Consumers have the most incentive to share personal data with brands when they receive tangible benefits and are in control.

As stated previously, today’s consumers are intelligent and are not going to give you something for nothing. Our platform delivers a full end-to-end solution and even goes so far as to provide shared risk commercial opportunities, encouraging your brand to deliver new and innovative value exchanges. Helping you to build mutual trust, our clients have used us to deliver exclusive customer experiences not available elsewhere.

autoGraph’s customers have seen up to a 93.4% opt-in rate, with our platform doing all of the hard work for them. By getting customers to uncover different facets of their persona, we then translate this data into attitudes, affinities and aspirations. Supporting brands to deliver on their promises, we ensure that both sides of the coin deliver transparent experiences.

If you’d like to hear about what we can do for you and your business, feel free to contact us and whilst you’re at it, stay up-to-date with autoGraph via our LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

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