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Winning the DMA Awardsâ Grand Prix: what happens next?

Has it really been six months since we dragged our Monarch clients out of the bar to pick up the DMA Grand Prix? OK, so we were celebrating winning Best use of direct mail. But to come within seconds of missing out on the most prestigious presentation of the night? Even Jimmy Carr was dumbstruck (well, for about 0.01 of a second).

But with the hangovers now just a distant headache and our dinner jackets and posh frocks back in our wardrobes, what’s happened since we picked up – or nearly failed to pick up – the ‘big one’?

For WDMP, having our work recognised by our marketing peers is a special moment. But when your work is acknowledged as the most innovative piece of work overall, you can’t help but walk a little taller. And that applies to everyone in the agency, not just those that were there on the night.

Rather curiously, a bit of green eye from the other account and creative teams has proved no bad thing. When you bring home such a prestigious award, it sends out a clear message; the bar has clicked up a notch. It’s been satisfying to watch everyone rising to the new challenge.

Beyond the walls of WDMP Towers, the Grand Prix has certainly got the right people making all the right noises. New business and recruitment have most definitely reaped the benefits.

Over at Monarch, winning the Grand Prix vindicated three years of hard work by our clients within their business to deliver a more sophisticated approach to CRM.

Together we’ve moved from a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to a highly personalised one that embraces technology to deliver relevant and immersive experiences. Whilst the commercial value was never in doubt, being recognised by the industry as ‘best in class’ has helped further their cause in the pursuit of innovation.

And that leads us neatly to the next six months. A huge of amount of effort is going into helping all our clients – not just Monarch – deliver even more exciting and effective CRM campaigns.

With this in mind, we’re already looking forward to the 2015 DMA Awards. It should be quite a night – just don’t venture too far from the stage at the key moment.

By DMA guest blogger Gavin Wheeler, CEO, WDMP and DMA Agencies Council member

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