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Will becoming an author boost your business credibility?


if you’ve written a book on the subject, you’ll be the one who gets the media attention, the speaking engagements and the first calls from prospective clients. If people want information and it’s easily accessible in book format, then that’s what they’ll gravitate towards.

Books are global

When you’ve written a book, you no longer have to meet prospective clients in person to showcase your knowledge. And that means you’re no longer limited to prospects who live within driving distance of you. Someone who lives on the other side of the world could just as easily be a customer as the person who lives across the street.

With the rise of eBooks, this is more the case than ever, as shipping costs are no longer an issue.

Books open up new avenues

Once you’re published, you’re not just a business owner – you’re an author, which means you can either start a new career or take your current one in a new direction. If you’re interested in public speaking or consultancy work it could easily be your first step…

You can give away your book to get a steady stream of high-quality leads

Have a sign-up form on your company’s home page. Offer your book for free in exchange for their contact details and you’ll have a whole new stream of highly qualified leads. If people request copies of your book, then they’re seriously interested in what you do.

Once you have their contact details you can start forming a relationship with them and converting them into becoming loyal clients.
The long-term profits will pay many times over for the cost of the book.

Books can be turned into new products

Once you’ve written your book you don’t necessarily have to sell it in one piece or in just one format. You could break it up into pieces, which you could turn into articles, blog posts, perhaps even a website that’s continually updated with new information on the book’s topic…

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