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Wicked Ways With Direct Mail


It's easy to help customers create winning direct mailers with a little guidance.

As we all know, there’s so many potential pitfalls for the inexperienced and a bit of professional help goes a long way.

With this in mind, we have a library of video tutorials and tips on our Hello Market website www.hellomarket.co.uk and in the direct mail hub on our DMP website www.doingmore.co.uk, to help our customers get the best out of all the free-to-use tools we offer.

We have put a significant amount of time and effort into customer training and judging by the top quality, highly personalised, bespoke brochures, flyers and letters we see created on a daily basis, it’s working.

We have also come up with our own acronym to help users make sure they’ve covered all the obvious bases.

  • Who. Think about the mailing’s recipient and tailor it to them.
  • Image. Use relevant and attractive pictures on your mailer.
  • Call to action. Be clear about what response you want to encourage and highlight it at every opportunity.
  • Keep communicating. Use every reason to speak directly to customers, from highlighting special offers which you know will be of interest to them to marking an anniversary or birthday.
  • Engage. Make sure mailers tie in with websites, blogs and social media for more opportunities to engage customers.
  • Data. Use data to gain insights and use them to personalise direct mail. Make sure data housekeeping is up to date.

Being ‘wicked’ is all about personalising every mailing as much as possible - Hello Market allows simple, quick and efficient targeting, which is known to lead to better returns.

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