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Why your Marketing Automation isnât working?

It’s a Phd in the Obvious that poor data quality will hurt your business, however the negative impact could be even greater with Marketing Automation.

An article in icrunch news on Why Poor Data Quality Makes Marketing Automation a Chore raises some interesting points. CRM has transformed a database to a communications hub, this should make the marketers job easier as they can effortlessly select the targets they wish to reach and automatically send out the appropriate messages.

However, how many marketing professionals sleep easy in their beds, how many lie awake wondering about the quality of their data and if the next automated email campaign will reach the appropriate target. The number of contacts available to reach and the speed of contact means that without a robust data cleansing and validation programme there could be a PR disaster in the making.

Data is fluid it is continually changing with people moving, changing their preferences etc, can you trust the data you are working with?

Errors can occur from the moment the data is captured if there is no validation API, this application can check all contact details including telephone number and email ensuring the first input is correct. Regular data cleansing will sweep up any changes and bring an end to a marketer’s nightmares.

In summary, improving data quality will allow marketers to relax and benefit from their automated marketing campaigns, letting them focus on producing important strategic plans.

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