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Why is it so important to create a positive relationship with your telemarketing partner?


As a telemarketing agency, our most successful campaigns occur when we have a strong relationship with the client. After speaking with Account Managers we have deduced some reasons for why this is.

1) Communication

Let’s put ourselves in a situation, your outsourced telemarketing partner calls a prospect that are currently collecting quotes for a particular service, your service and they are planning on making a decision by the close of day. The telemarketing partner needs to be certain that they will be able to get in contact with you to quote your prospect as soon as possible.

If you are hard to contact, you cannot reap the rewards of this decisive prospect. You need to make yourself readily available for your extended sales team to reach you. If this is not possible, ensure you have more than one contact in place for the team to reach otherwise you could be missing opportunities.

2) Understanding

Make sure you have regular briefings so your telemarketing partners get to know as much as information as they need to to promote your company, and identify the best prospects for you. This level of understanding doesn’t need to be at the same level as your sales team, but if they have a broad base knowledge they will be able to engage with decision makers more effectively.

3) Correctly targeted campaigns

If your telemarketing partner is reporting and contacting you frequently then both of you should have a clear idea on how the campaign is progressing. If the campaign is not going to plan then working alongside your telemarketing partner closely will support a change in strategy to be implemented quickly.

4) Clear criteria

By defining a set of clear targets and criteria from the preliminary meeting between the two parties, there can be no grey areas once the campaign begins.

How do I create this positive relationship?

Ensure that you have one briefing meeting (or more if necessary!) with your telemarketing partner so they can familiarise themselves with what they will be selling.

Maintain regular contact with your Account Manager at the end of every working day if they are working on your campaign. This will allow the chance for you to gather reports and see the results of the campaign.

Conduct review meetings every 3 months to maintain the focus of the campaign or implement any change in targeting.

The best client relationships we have are when we are working as an extension of their sales team. We really appreciate knowing as much about your sales process as possible, from briefings on new products or services, to meeting your sales team to find out what they need from meetings. We will work to make your campaign as successful as it can be, but we also need communication to be two sided.

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