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Why Integrating Telemarketing into your Sales Process is key to its success


If you isolate telemarketing from your other marketing strategies then you’re going to struggle to make it effective.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer – if you’d been called by a telemarketing company first do you think it more likely you’d notice direct marketing material you received from them afterwards? Of course you would!

You’re suddenly no longer a stranger! So, you can see it’s important to make sure you integrate your telemarketing within your marketing strategy to make it more effective and efficient. You’re likely to find that some of the companies you speak with show an interest but perhaps don’t need your product right now but at sometime in the future – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If you don’t do anything you might find that by the time you speak to them again, they may have found an alternative product from one of your competitors. To avoid this annoying consequence use regular direct marketing such as email newsletters, tweets and LinkedIn updates and of course additional follow-up telemarketing. Integrate your telemarketing and you will always be in their minds!

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