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Why Donât You Keep Me Informed? Balancing customer communication


As a consumer, I’m often surprised how some companies that I’ve decided to buy from, or even register with, don’t always seem to want to keep me informed. Yes, most will send me some initial acknowledgement, but beyond that, it’s all too easy to be ignored. While 50% of people in recent studies have reported being annoyed by too much customer communication from companies [eMarketer], being paid no attention at all can be equally frustrating for consumers; even if it’s not, they might simply forget about you, which isn’t helping any marketers’ bottom line.

Even the companies who do keep in touch with me seem to be doing so in a way which is generic, rather than more specific to what I’ve purchased or what I’ve shown an interest in. Obviously, there are lots of companies who do well with customer communication, but what’s holding back the ones who don’t? After all, I’ve never met a marketer who didn’t want to deliver a great experience to their customers and prospects—so what’s missing?

Why aren’t they on top of it?

I think there are three major things holding companies back from successful customer communication:

  1. Strategy. Marketers always have a full to-do-list of ideas; however, sometimes it’s knowing which strategies will deliver the best return on investment that marketers are missing, making sure you don’t try and do everything, just the right stuff. Particularly on smaller marketing teams, just having someone providing a list of the most effective strategies for your market sector and situation can be invaluable. That’s why at Alterian, we’ve developed our strategy playbooks, backed up with proven ROI examples delivering exactly that.
  2. Technology. I can’t think of many in marketing who long to be IT specialists or programmers, yet for some marketing automation tools, those seem to be the skills you need. If the tools are highly technical to use, then it’s understandable if marketing teams don’t or can’t make the most of them; this is where having software specifically designed with marketers in mind is essential.
  3. Creativity. As soon as you start to look at automating and personalizing campaigns, you may worry about a need for more creative treatment. If it doesn’t blow the budget, it may feel like too much effort to produce with rounds of briefing, proofing, and approvals. Thankfully, with a clear creative approach, it doesn’t need to be difficult to create mass personalization—just a bit of planning. Rather than paying for whole campaigns, it’s about creating ‘content blocks’ which can be used and reused as required.

How to Adapt and Thrive

At Alterian, we’ve built the Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform, specifically designed to enable marketers to deliver the types of personalized, relevant, and automated customer communication that we know your audiences want. We’d be delighted to share with you our proven strategies with case studies, give you a feel for how our technology can easily support your initiatives, and show you how to do this within a reasonable creative budget. In fact, you can reach out to me personally. There’s nothing we love more than talking about Adaptive Marketing.

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