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Who has the most loyal customers in the world?


The US research company Brand Keys has studied 528 companies in 79 different categories. They assessed how loyal their customers are based on customer statistics and psychological aspects.

Here are the most successful companies:

# 1 Amazon
The world’s biggest e-retailer now also has the world’s most loyal customers. The company’s loyalty programme, Amazon Prime, is growing by 20 per cent a year and now has five million registered customers.

# 2 Apple (smartphones)
One step down compared with 2011, but Apple remains the leading brand among smartphone users.

# 3 Facebook
Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues to grow. It now has 750 million active users all over the world.

# 4 Samsung (phones)
Samsung comes out on top in the category of “phones”. They have to make do with fourth place overall.

# 5 Apple (computers)
The Apple Mac has a loyal customer base that continues to remain faithful to the brand.

# 6 Zappos
E-trader that sells clothing and footwear.

# 7 Hyundai
The only car manufacturer that makes it into the Top 20.

# 8 Kindle
Amazon’s tablet for e-books.

# 9 Patron
Tequila in the upper premium range.

# 10 Mary Kay
Cosmetics brand that was founded in the 1960s.

Source: www.businessinsider.com


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