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When Technology Meets Experiential


More importantly how do you know which ones are passing trends and which ones you need to invest in? Here is a little overview of what's steeling the headlines at the moment.


When it comes to live video streaming, Periscope is the new kid on the block (after giving rival app Meerkat a run for its money in the headline stakes) and it’s also Twitter’s latest acquisition. By linking to your Twitter profile, Periscope lets you stream live video content to all of your followers, which is great news if you’re looking to gain exposure for your next experiential campaign. This will prove invaluable when there are celebrity performances and surprise viral stunts where immediacy is key. An added bonus? Viewers are able to interact with the video via likes and comments on the video stream, which can generate masses of online buzz. By the click of a button you are able to see live streams from all over the globe. But if you’re planning to stream a video remember….it’s live so ensure you use it wisely.



Thunderclap uses the power of the crowd to amplify brand messages and campaigns. Ever wanted the whole of Twitter to tweet about an event at the same time…well now you can. Once someone signs up to a Thunderclap campaign a specific message will be tweeted out from their account on a specific time and date. Thunderclap is a great service to use if you’re planning a product launch, allowing your brand to flood Twitter with your launch messages at one specific time, drastically increasing your reach.



MIXLR is an audio streaming platform that enables users to create and broadcast their very own audio from a computer or phone. Wannabe DJ’s can create their own live radio pages and share these via social media so people can listen directly on Facebook and Twitter. Not only can you live stream, but you can also pre-record an audio clip and share this out via social, soundcloud or your very own MIXLR page, which can be personalised to reflect you and your brand. So, if you’re thinking of doing an experiential campaign and want to gain great coverage over the airwaves then ensure you check this out. http://mixlr.com/



Ever wanted to create your own awesome time-lapse videos on your phone? Well now you can thanks to Hyperlapse from Instagram. This app uses your phone camera to create handheld time-lapse videos that had only previously been possible with specialist equipment. The app allows you to change the time-lapse speeds to instantly create a memorable and quirky video. If you’re planning an event then capturing top quality time-lapse videos will give your marketing strategy another fun and creative edge. Check out some great examples here: https://vimeo.com/104409950


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