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When pigs fly


An impossible rescue, men still getting paid more, remembering passwords, and a cat that couldn't care less.

A nation’s heartbreak.

A collapsed government.

A giant inflatable baby Trump.

Just your average week on UK soil.

Elsewhere, a near impossible mission to save the 12 Thai football players and their coach trapped in a cave in Phuket was declared a success on Tuesday. International diver, Ben Reymenants tells us of the dangers of the watery labyrinth that imprisoned them.

Oh, and Hollywood – don’t do this.

Speaking of. Film. Rapidly evolving national treasure, Olivia Colman is a completely stark-raving-mad in the trailer for The Favourite.

In the latest shock revelation, men continue to be paid more. More shocking to know that people still like Chris Evans.

Quite literally highlighting the role of women in history. A campaign from by office equipment giants, Stabilo Boss celebrate figures such as Lisa Meitner and her discovery of nuclear fission, which she was not credited for and Katherine Johnson whose calculations ensured the safe landing of Apollo 11.

Are degrees still all that relevant in advertising? Finding your way without one is completely achievable – Anthea Agyekum on what she’s learnt.

The first rule of marketing is you are not the customer. Agency folk, take note – the Ritson has spoken.

As their stripes becoming ever-rarer, Tiger Beer, WWF and Kenzo join forces to save tigers through fashion.

Your ex-boyfriend’s second name? Your favourite Pokemon with your Dad’s birthday at the end? Did you capitalise the first letter? The modern bane of the elusive password.

Enter: Apple.

Petrol and diesel? Officially square, man. Millennials rock down to electric avenue.

Segwaying nicely into this vespa-inspired vintage scooter.

NH-YES. Simple, effective and a badge completely worth investing in – Bath-based graphic designer, Carl Godfrey reworks the NHS logo in celebration of the health service’s 70th birthday.

The delicious job-robbing future – why you should let a robot cook your next meal.

Fingernails as long as a London bus. Six decades on from his teacher telling him off for breaking his nail, world-record holder calls it a day.

Kids interrupt BBC interview has a new contender in the form of Polish historian, Jerzy Targalski.

Cats. They. Just. Don’t. Care.

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