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What should I look for in an outsourced telemarketing company?


Outsourcing any part of your business is a big decision. This is especially true when you outsource telemarketing, as it is essentially passing your generation of leads and sales to another company to manage. Here are some useful pointers on how to make outsourcing telemarketing into a fruitful and positive experience.

1) Great Communication

Do they understand your product? Do they understand your sales objectives and processes? Do they understand your expected targets? How well will they act as credible ambassadors for your company?

These are all questions to ask yourself at a preliminary meeting and should be reinforced at the briefing meeting. It is also important to gather information on how often they will contact you with reports and how often they will review the campaign.

2) Clear Targets

Agree targets that the telemarketing partner is confident to work to. Targets aren’t just about the number of appointments or leads that you need from the activity, but also any secondary information gathered like decision maker names and opt-in email addresses. As well as these targets, it is also useful to work out how many sales you need from the activity and within what timeframe.

If results are under target, your outsourced telemarketing company should proactively work with you to adjust the brief, think about different angles for each call, and ask for any additional training for their team.

3) Retention of Staff

If your outsourced telemarketing partner has a high staff retention rate it shows a positive working environment as well as commitment to the company. For you, this means that you can build relationships with your Account Manager and anyone who is working on the campaign with a secure knowledge that it is highly unlikely your campaign will be affected by change of personnel.

Of course, sometimes staff can change and if this happens, ensure that the new member of staff is trained to the same level as the original team on your campaign.

4) Qualification of Leads

Your telemarketing partner should be qualifying the leads before sending them across to you. Ensure that the partner knows what you class as a qualified lead. If you only work with companies that have over 50 employees then ensure your telemarketing partner is aware of these specifications from the beginning of the campaign. They should either be able to buy data with these requirements or ask questions within in the call.

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