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What did the Contact Centre & Telemarketing Council do in June?

1) Received update from John Mitchison (Head of Preference Services at DMA) on TPS & CTPS. There is a growing number of TPS mobile phone registrations. TPS complaints have been bumping around the 5,000 mark, but down compared to 8,000 complaints same time last year.

2) Fundraising Standards Board update. Last meeting was about how to deal with vulnerable people
and was attended by members of Telemarketing Council. The meeting reviewed efforts already undertaken and
what needs to be done in the future.

3) Care Initiative. Meeting held 26 May to review and update the training materials. Training will be available as a DMA member benefit. The Quality & Training hub will work on a PR plan for the launch (September).

4) Image Hub reminded the Council to continue sharing their scripts in order to produce “Top 5 tips for writing a telemarketing script”.

5) There was an omnichannel webinar on the 17 June chaired by Steve Sullivan from the Telemarketing Council.

6) Confirmed the ICO and Ministry of Justice will be attending the July meeting to discuss a range of issues.


Next meeting is 8 July 2015. If you work for a DMA member organisation and would be interested in observing a Council meeting, then please get in touch by calling 020 7291 3300 and ask for Charlotte Natter.

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