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What Brexit means for marketers - Q&A

The DMA has produced a Brexit Q&A for members, which you are welcome to circulate to your employees.

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The DPO Centre calls for marketeers to think carefully, and document thoroughly, when deciding how and when to use personal data in their communications.

Lenitha Bishops, The DPO Centre offers guidance on the mistakes made.

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The Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA), in conjunction with the DMA and Acxiom, publishes a forensic examination of UK consumer attitudes to data and privacy. Discover the latest trends, perspectives on data sharing, online privacy and the role of data in our world.

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Despite cultural and economic differences, consumers around the world increasingly see value in sharing their data. Explore key findings from the GDMA’s data privacy launch event.

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The many terms around sustainability can become confusing. To help others better understand the process and provide support for a more sustainable future, the DMA Print Council has shared important words and phrases, as well as successful industry projects.