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Welcome to the future of email marketing - 6 theses

Email marketing is one of the few digital marketing disciplines that has been largely spared regulatory restrictions, displacement by new technologies, or the market power of the big GAFA players. This is not to say that email marketing is not impacted by market changes and must adapt. However, these influences are positive or at least neutral. New privacy features in email clients limit email tracking, but force email marketing to become more professional in its business model. New and old touchpoints in the customer lifecycle gain and lose importance. At the same time, restrictions in other online channels open up new potential for email.

So far, email marketing has survived all market changes and has even been able to use them positively in most cases. But how will email marketing develop in the future? What opportunities, what gains, what developments and what changes will it experience? What challenges do email marketers expect to face in the coming years?

The field of email marketing has always been broad, diverse and, above all, exciting. We have come up with six theses on how email marketing will develop in the future:

1. Email marketing will gain new value in the business model due to a stronger focus on business KPIs.
2. Marketing emails will become shorter, more contextual, more personal, more authentic and faster
3. Interactive content will open up new areas of use for email
4. The customer experience between email, web and mobile will become more fused
5. Email will become the center of the current zero and fist party data renaissance taking place
6. Email apps will become online wallets, creating new touchpoints and triggers for email marketing

Report: Future of email marketing

We present all six theses in detail in an extensive report, including examples and instrucstions for marketers. The report is available for download here

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