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Webinar Alert - The Power of Programmatic


Next week we will reach an important milestone in NMI and the DMA’s relationship. On Wednesday, 27th April, at 3pm, we will be hosting our first webinar with the DMA. Led by Trevor Miranda, EMEA / APAC certification lead at MediaMath. This expert session will take you through the essentials. Leaving you with a new understanding of programmatic’s rich potential.

To register follow this link - http://www.dma.org.uk/event/webinar-the-power-of-programmatic.

Here at NMI we are looking forward to sharing our industry endorsed content with DMA members. It is incredibly meaningful in the Advertising space right now. As developments in technology are rapidly affecting many job roles. Our content is up to date, comprehensive and relevant, as programmatic spending is set to exceed US$32 billion by 2017.

We understand that all learners bring different backgrounds, expertise, experiences, and preferences to the table. Our philosophy is to 'meet the learner where they are'. We put this into practice through our blended learning approach. This enables us to educate, engage and empower the new generation of marketing professionals wherever they are in their knowledge, career, experience and physical location.

Now more than ever education is pivotal to success. Improved skills and knowledge at all levels increases competency and productivity. Digital Media now accounts for a large part of most job roles in the sector. Yet a significant number of courses in marketing only include it as a short module. Businesses too must take responsibility for ensuring employees have the technological skills they need. This requires a top down approach to continual education.

AOL surveyed 25 brands, 96 agencies and 56 publishers. They discovered that 3 quarters of advertisers are using programmatic to buy display ads. Also, roughly half use it to buy both mobile ads and video ads. Only 8% are not using programmatic at all. Yet, just 54% of marketers in North America feel comfortable with programmatic.

Whether a recent graduate or a seasoned employee, continual development of your technological skillset in your specific market area is essential to avoid being left behind.

Book your place now and we’ll see you online!

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