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Warning: contains Christmas


Now we know that the internet is moving to Canada to protect it from US President-elect 'The' Donald Trump, could design solve the problem of fake news, which many credit with getting the property mogul into the White House? If you object to post-truth, then be reassured it's nothing new. Private Eye editor Ian Hislop on the post-truth present.

Programmatic giant AppNexus files for an IPO. It has already gone through the filleting procedure to make it as lean and profitable as possible before it comes before Wall Street.

The company has investors as diverse as News Corp and Yahoo Japan, and is valued at around $1.6 billion and at float will be worth anything up to $2b billion.

But adtech IPOs have been far from smooth over the past decade. The last IPO, Trade Desk, performed well, settling comfortably above its opening price, but Trade Desk is a fraction of the size of AppNexus, and its success or failure could set the trend for the next round of adtech.

This IPO is significant because it will set the confidence for Adtech well into 2017. Meanwhile, half of all online ads are never seen and simply disappear.

Beleaguered Twitter has a new head of product. He ran Google’s Gmail and then his own startup. The interesting part is that while he has a Twitter account, it’s basically dormant.

According to the Journal of Advertising Research, there is no correlation between likes and shares on Facebook and ad effectiveness. Naturally the Ad Contrarian had some thoughts on this.

Campaign decided not to award any winner of it's 'medium of the year' category, as the management at Facebook (the otherwise-winner), "have failed to face up to their responsibilities as a media owner".

Is the AI boom due for a bust?

Consultants moving into creative

Dominic Mills says Karmarama’s sale to Accenture makes perfect sense… for Accenture.

Head wonk at Accenture Interactive, Brian Whipple, talks management speak in this interview to explain the buy with Business Insider.


Copywriters rarely name and shame bad copy. But they do now, with some classic terrible on offer.

How do you like your editor? Would you trade him or her for a Marxist dictator? Many of South America’s finest, including Garcia Marquez, did just that.

CHI's Sarah Golding is the new IPA president, taking over from MullenLowe's Tom Knox.

Sexism, and our intolerance of it, have been high profile this year (Cindy Gallop here just doesn't care what you think). But are the white men of advertising too quiet on racism?

And what about age? What if you are the 45-plus creative?

Christmas interlude

Christmas comes early to Montreal:

Mother rebrands as Grandmother for December to highlight the benefits of old age. Treats include grannies reading erotica over the phone and knitted Tweets.

Early Christmas present of a cool $30,000 if you can solve the astronaut poo probem

Christmas is the time most people plan their holidays. Have you considered the world’s largest hotel? Already 30 years old the Ryugyong Hotel, in the North Korean capital Pyongyang, is expected to open soon after lights were seen inside.

Did you watch Fleabag? Did you love Fleabag? Do you wish Fleabag was on more?

Well we can't bring you Fleabag, but we can bring you Pheoebe Waller-Bridge, who IS Fleabag, thanks to Anomaly:

Do you need a Santa for Christmas? Then you should be looking, where else, but on LinkedIn.

No idea what to buy me for Christmas? Well the biggest selling CD artist this is (drum roll please).... Mozart! (sort of).

To remind yourself of the terrible events of 2016, well a couple of M&C Saatchi creatives have produced the Badvent calendar. Read more here.

The best Christmas ad so far (except possibly that Wes Anderson one for H&M) is a huge surprise:

A great blog on data and its limitation by Matt Ballantine, who quotes Professor Michael Porter, the highest-paid speaker on business in the world, who wrote, "The information revolution is sweeping through our economy. No company can escape its effects. Dramatic reductions in the cost of obtaining, processing, and transmitting information are changing the way we do business.” except he wrote that in 1985.

Seth Godin on how to adapt to a shifting marketplace. Answer? Tricky.

Finally, a loss to journalism and the English Language, Adrian Gill, known always as A A Gill, died last week. This is the final piece he wrote.

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