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Vote Trump for new business.


It was about a year ago we scoffed and laughed as one Donald J. Trump threw his proverbial stetson into the Republican ring to run for the next presidency. 9 months later and he was literally tweets ahead on Super Tuesday.

And today he accepted the Republican presidential nomination.

With the promise of a ‘safer’ America. Or in other words ‘God bless America… first’.

That’s the message he’s been peddling to the glee of middle america since day one. It just hasn’t stopped gaining momentum and it’s bloody brilliant.

Not the sentiment of his rebel rousing, narrow minded views.

The genius and bravery in his campaign is winning votes like winning new business.

He was brave enough to upset half the Republican vote by championing the fears and worries of populist-nationalist americans.

So while the rest of the candidates were (in contrast) politely trying to be all things for all people, not standing out from each other and delicately sharing the votes of what’s left, Donald just ignored them and carried on, running amok through any media channel available.

He didn’t want all the votes, he just wanted enough to win.

He knew that upsetting the traditional conservatives with his views on immigration, trade and health-care meant exciting and igniting the nationalist wing.

Even if he reduced his assault on half the party to winning just a third of the votes it meant that Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich only had two thirds to battle over. And with very little to differentiate them it doesn’t take a political or mathematical whizz to work out that the two remaining thirds divided between 4 candidates means they’ll each get a sixth of the votes.

I know these numbers weren’t guaranteed, and there would have to be a bit of tolerance built in, but if you’re going for broke, and let’s face it Donald Trump has been there a few times, it was an educated risk worth taking.

Simply brilliant. A lesson for businesses all over.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but we do know it doesn’t involve Carson, Cruz, Kasich or Rubio or any other me too’s we could mention.

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