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Vodafone gain TPS Assured Status â Their Directors can Sleep Easy.


Even though Vodafone have considerable internal processes in place to ensure compliance in their heavily regulated sector Paul Rosbotham (Senior Regulatory Manager - Vodafone) says

“its good to have a tick in the box to know it’s not a worry”

TPS Assured was developed by the DMA and endorsed by the government (DCMS) to give telemarketers the ability to assess audit their compliance against PECR regulations, Ofcom guidance and DMA best practice guidelines.

As well as looking under all the stones at Vodafone the process also took in their outsourced providers who themselves are now looking for accreditation independently.

With the latest PECR amendment (planned for early 2017) where up to two Directors will be held personally accountable and fined up to £500,000 each (well done ICO and DCMS) TPS Assured certification couldn’t have come at a better time.

If you are a responsible business using telemarketing to deliver personalised and relevant exchanges over the telephone then gaining TPS Assured certification is a bullet proof way for your directors to know they don’t have to worry.

To enquire about joining the DMA Contact Centre Council: Attending the Council as a Guest or becoming TPS Assured please contact Elizabeth Knott-Simey e: elizabeth.knott-simey@dma.org.uk or 0207 291 3382

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