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Video Strikes Back! Sequential Video Remarketing


How does sequential marketing work?

Simple. Sequential works in a similar way to the attribution funnel in that your first burst of activity is designed to pique the interest of your prospective audience, whereas the following stages are created to develop the relationship and eventually drive them to convert. There are numerous strategies in which sequential remarketing can be employed. Let’s say Apple are releasing a new iPhone. A sequential remarketing strategy could look something like this.

Stage 1

Launch a top level marketing campaign to raise awareness about the new launch, generating widespread interest and broadcasting to as many people as possible.

Stage 2

Re-engage with those who have watched the announcement video with the product unboxing video or case study. This further educates those who have shown a top level interest in the product on the features that are available and engages them via soft sell rather than screaming “BUY NOW!”.

Stage 3

Those who choose to engage with the unboxing video in full are then collected into another audience bucket - these are users who have shown a deep interest in the product placing them further down the sales funnel and closer towards converting. This provides Apple with an audience primed for purchase.

Where can you run it?


i) The integration between AdWords and YouTube makes YouTube by far the most flexible platform to use when considering sequential remarketing strategies. You can run ads in YouTube and then use the audience lists generated across both search and display.

ii) Can generate audiences based on people who have viewed, liked, commented, or shared on your video.


i) Facebook Video View ad format will automatically create audiences based on the users who have completed the standard Facebook video view duration (3 seconds) or those who have watched the video to completion. These can then be re-used as custom audiences.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

In an in-house example we used a top level teaser video just under 30 seconds long to pique potential leads interests. We then followed this up with a lengthier 1 minute+ case study that highlighted how our clients business could help the potential lead and drip fed them additional information.

1. Average % of video view increased despite the second video being more than 3x as long.

2. % of full views also increased despite the additional length of the video.

The proof is in the pudding. The choice to re-target the previously engaged led to higher content consumption and higher levels of engagement with the brand.

We later used audiences created from users who had viewed the Stage 2 video as prospecting remarketing audiences in display. The results versus standard remarketing can be seen below.

As can be seen both CTR and conversion rate benefitted from a substantial uplift over the traditionally targeted display activity.

So there you have it! Why not supercharge your prospecting strategy and nurture your leads into fully blossomed clients through sequential video remarketing.

For more information on sequential video remarketing on YouTube visit here:

Or Facebook here:

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