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Sectors such as vets, hairdressers and other SMEs with regular customers have masses of touchpoints on which to capitalise to build loyalty. It doesn’t take much to think of them: regular appointments, new products of interest, reminders, anniversaries… all of which can be quickly and easily sorted with online software such as Hello Market.

Many businesses out there could boost their sales quickly and easily by getting savvy with direct mail, sending out appropriate information and offers to the right people at the right time.

Another sector with opportunities galore is finance, from pension providers to mortgage lenders and everything in between.

One company which has grasped the opportunities here is Skipton Financial Services, which is one of our regular Hello Market customers.

SFS uses the platform to send individualised letters to around 300 clients a month. And, crucially, using Hello Market has cut the company’s costs by around 33 per cent. It creates and mails out letters to clients in order to keep them informed about who to contact. The text within the letters is different depending on the reason for the adviser movement – for example retirement or maternity. This is really useful information, but also builds a relationship with the customer.

And SFS personalises as many different aspects of the addressee information as possible in order to make the mailings feel much more individual to the client and therefore better engage them.

It was the demand for just this level of data use which led to DMP owner Tony Kemp developing Hello Market. What he wanted to be able to do for clients was impossible with existing software so he made his own which now offers the most sophisticated personalised direct mailings available.

Hello Market software is free to use online and users only pay for what they print and mail. There are no set up costs and no minimum run charges so SMEs can take full advantage of all the features including in-flight changes, a multi-million image library (or upload your own picture) and design features normally the domain of the professional graphic designers. And there’s support at the end of the phone should it be needed.

SFS likes the user friendly nature of Hello Market and also points at great customer service as a strength of the platform.

As SFS’s marketing consultant Scott Cameron said: “Hello Market is a fantastic automated mailing system and I’d be happy to use it long term into the future.”

Find out more about Hello Market here.

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