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University of Edinburgh: Industry Partnership - Call for MSc Project Proposals


The University of Edinburgh is offering students the opportunity to work on their project with external partners. This gives companies access to talented MSc students and, because each project is under the joint supervision with a member of The School of Mathematics, this can provide a simple mechanism for organisations to start interacting with academia on research issues.

A major part of each of these programmes is a dissertation based on students working full-time on a research project for between 10 and 12 weeks, commencing late May or early June.

The School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh runs MSc programmes in the areas of Statistics and Data Science, Financial Mathematics, Operational Research and Computational Applied Mathematics.

Further details of the programme can be found here, Mathematics MSc Programmes | The University of Edinburgh.

There is no financial commitment to your organisation; all they ask for is some of your time to help specify the project and provide regular feedback and access to relevant data.

The work and results can be confidential if required. Initial proposals can be submitted by completing this form

The deadline for proposals is Friday 5 March 2021.

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