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UniFida announces partnership with Haensel AMS


December 7, 2021, London – UniFida, a provider of customer data platform technology that also helps companies measure marketing effectiveness, is partnering with Haensel AMS, a marketing math boutique, to help marketers accurately measure the impact of their multi-channel marketing activities, right down to campaign level, and then split that across customer segments.

UniFida Marketing Attribution is AI (artificial intelligence)-based technology that allows marketers to leverage data insights and see the value contributed by each marketing activity. The incorporation of Haensel AMS’ AI-driven methodology enables attribution reporting right down to the individual campaign or test level, whether digital or offline. This is combined with an understanding of the role played by each marketing activity in initiating, holding or closing a sale.

Julian Berry, Director, UniFida said: “The partnership with Haensel AMS’ means we can incorporate their methodology seamlessly into the UniFida Customer Data Platform (CDP). We can not only provide campaign results and the role played by media in initialising, holding or closing a sale, but also enable marketers to click on any channel and drill down to see the value of each activity. Because this AI sits on our CDP we can then split campaign performance across specific customer groups.”

Dr Alwin Haensel, Founder, Haensel AMS GmbH, said: “In partnering with UniFida we can help marketers allocate weightings and roles to each step in the customer journey. Our innovative fully data-driven machine learning methodology complements UniFida’s technology and brings smart analytics that help companies transform data and complexity into real opportunities to grow their businesses.”

The combination of UniFida and Haensel AMS AI technologies provides:

  • granular attribution right down to micro-campaign level
  • results aggregated up to any reporting level, e.g. channels
  • a precise impact and financial value to each marketing activity
  • the ability to filter down to specific customer groups, such as new or existing.

UniFida Marketing Attribution, integrated into the UniFida CDP, is designed to ingest data from all online and offline marketing channels.

For more information email or call + 44 203 9606472. Visit or for more information.

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