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A good week for Mary Berry, walking with a Channel 4 giant, 2017's word of the year and a bird-eating fish.

In a world full of Kardashians, be a Kathy Burke.

A logo; a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, uniquely designed for ready recognition.

But hasn’t it become so much more than that? From Apple to the V&A, NASA to Rolling StoneCreative Review has compiled a list of the top logos of all time, and the stories behind each of them.

Does technology get in the way of your creativity? Five things to think about.

A pram workout. Acupuncture. Falconry. Diane Morgan is trying new things.

We Are Social’s series for First Direct challenges Morgan to do things outside of her comfort zone; an ongoing brand awareness initiate, which hopes to encourage people to take ‘first steps’ and release their ambitions.

Seven months to go. If the four letters ‘GDPR’ fill you with the kind of dread only comparable to getting cornered in the pub by racist Terry from Accounts; then take a leaf out of ITV’s book.

Talk of diversity. Grey London’s Leo Rayman addresses one of the biggest challenges to improving the issue: boredom.

Halloween is over and holidays are coming (holidays are coming). This, we must accept.

First to lay down their Christmas cudgel, Vodafone.

Built on subtle, self-deprecating humour to win favour with a UK audience, the brand have continued their collaboration with actor, Martin Freeman, following his festive romance across six pieces of content.

‘You can’t play any instruments Sarah, what could you possibly do in the band?’

Television. A good week for Mary Berry.

Despite the accidental revelation of the Great British Bake Off winner by new judge, Prue Leith hours before the finale was due to air, the Bake Off finale gave Channel 4 their biggest audience in five years.

Channel 4 chose the big pull of the finale to unveil their latest giant rebranding.

These new indents starting the Giant, are part of the brand’s undertaking to champion diversity and provoke change. Alice Tonge, head of 4Creative, says ‘Our new idents couldn't be more Channel 4 - they celebrate inclusion, diversity, youth and the channel's big noisy alternative voice.’

As Britain negotiates to leave the EU and tighten its borders, Channel 4 is the latest UK brand to make a point about immigration in its marketing, following Jigsaw’s latest major outdoor campaign, ‘Heart Immigration’.

A departure for Burberry this week, as they announce the stepping down of their CEO, Christopher Bailey. Looking at the brand DNA of functional, accessible luxury, Mark Ritson talks of the struggles the brand face finding his replacement.

2017’s word of the year turns out to be fake news.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Britain welcomed the return of David Attenborough’s soothing tones, accompanied by a dreamy score by Hans Zimmer and Radiohead, last Sunday evening. BBC’s Blue Planet II covered everything from the plight of the mother walrus to bird-eating fish.

Documentary making at its finest.

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