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Travel & Holidays: CreatorMail's campaign for TUI UK


Maintain engagement with prospects from planning to booking. Increase web conversion against standard email communications and capture preference data for further ECRM programmes.

Strategy and marketing

Nowadays consumers understand that prices fluctuate, particularly when close to departure. This encourages multiple visits to both Thomson and competitor sites – in some cases with over 720 searches in one week – and a culture of price matching. We developed MyHoliday Alerts to cater for price-conscious consumers, saving them the time and effort they’d usually spend looking for deals. Prospects provide their preferences and we do the searching. Our engagement warehouse provides sophisticated data structure, proprietary software and web services that have unlocked our potential to aid customers. Rich customer data provides a general view of current destination trends, and valuable insight into each customer’s holiday preferences.

Previous ECRM programmes have proved that customers respond to tailored, timely and relevant campaigns. MyHoliday Alerts goes further: it doesn’t make assumptions, but asks prospects what they want, then delivers email alerts, as frequently as requested, on our million-plus daily holiday offers. We recognised that browsers regularly change their preferences while planning, so made our email alert content easy to amend. We also understood that they might want to slow down, speed up or stop the alerts at different times, so offer that option. Creative is anchored around personalisation and relevancy, with strong calls to action. Registrants also receive brand building emails, using MyHoliday Alerts preferences to supply tailored destination and offer content. This personalised timely service demonstrates that we take their needs seriously and want to find a holiday that suits their budget.


We gain insight from prospects as they move through their holiday planning process, capturing rich preference information for future RM.


We delivered fantastic results: 17% conversion and £1.6 million revenue since launch. We didn’t use incentives to entice prospects: they’ve registered in great numbers due to the 1-2-1 service. We see an average of 48% opens, 20% clicks and 42% action, with some weeks up to 74% opens, 34% clicks and 49% action. Over 15% of registrants make a holiday purchase.

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