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Top 6 Client Experience Thought Leaders to follow


By: Hannah Williams

Client experience is such an important aspect of how a brand is perceived. It increases engagement, reduces churn and improves brand advocacy. In our next two blogs, we will look at the top influencers and brands to turn to when looking for client experience best practice. We’ll use our Influencer contact database tool to pin point influencers, with the aim of improving client experience whilst doing so.

So, in no particular order- here’s our top 6 thought leaders we think are leading the space when it comes to customer experience!

Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to customer experience. He has consulted a range of businesses in customer experience, engagement and service. He has also written his own book- ‘How to wow: 68 effortless ways to make every customer experience amazing’. Adrian’s website contains some great tips about client experience that is worth checking out. He also regularly writes for Forbes.

Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database

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Amazon are constantly innovating and diversifying their product offering. They’ve tapped into the on-demand market with Prime next day delivery and went that step further after introducing Prime Now – a one hour delivery service. Amazon are also currently testing Amazon Go a ‘checkout-free shopping experience’. The unique offering promises no queues and a hassle-free experience. Amazon are certainly pathing the way for customer experience, providing a wide range of services and exploring innovative technology to enhance customer experience. Who knows what’s in the pipeline for Amazon.

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Chloe Rigby

We’re a big fan of Chloe Rigby! For those not as familiar with this superstar, Chloe is a journalist specialising in ecommerce, omnichannel and customer experience. Using our influencer contact database, we’re able to stay on top of all the great articles by her on topics such as innovation and personalisation within customer experience. The publication Chloe writes for, ‘Internet Retailing’, specialises in customer experience so it’s also worth following.

Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database &
Influencer contact database

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John J Sills

We highly recommend adding John to your following list. John regularly writes for publications such as The Guardian, Management Today and Marketing Society and runs his own website- He previously worked for HSBC as Head of Customer Innovation, and now works as a consultant specialising in growth and customer strategy. Follow John for insights on creating satisfied customers and how to understand what your customer wants.

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Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database


Nike is leading the way when it comes to personalisation. NikeiD have offered customised trainers for years. In 2015 they created 100,000 personalised animations tailored to specific location, weather and movement data. A personalised experience is an effective way of engaging a customer- especially where online customer experience can sometimes be a bit impersonal. The Nike+ app includes customised recommendations, guided workouts, tailor-made training based on member’s interests and ambitions. We know that millennials like to be individual, so providing them with an opportunity to have a personalised product is a great way to make them feel unique.

Nike CEO Mark Parker: “We’ve entered a new era of personalised performance. Athletes want…a more personal relationship, one that gives them real solutions and total access to the best product and services.” ( 2016)

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Ben Kay

Ben previously worked as Head of Digital Strategy and Social at EE. He now holds the job title Social Business and Digital Consulting Leader at IBM. You should check out Ben’s newsfeed– it has loads of great articles focusing on customer experience and social media. Ben is an expert across digital and social, with the goal of a customer centric focus.

Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database
Influencer contact database

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In our next blog, we’ll be digging deeper into what exactly our thought leaders are saying about client experience so we can improve ours.

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