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Top 5 closing techniques for telemarketing


We regularly hold meetings to discuss successful ways that the team has discovered to close appointments. Below are the 5 top points that the team at Prospect Research has noted as being the best way to close a face-to-face meeting. You may notice that some of these could also be used to close sales.

1) Positive thinking

“Going into a call with the expectation that they will say ‘YES’ leads to a positive call and a positive close.” –Kathryn.

Positivity is always key. Your approach will sound friendly and engaging, and also creates a great atmosphere around your whole team.

2) Suggest two potential dates for your meeting

If your sales agent works over a large geographical expanse, it can be a good idea to schedule a few days where they will be available in certain regions. This way you can suggest two or more dates to the prospect when closing for a meeting, which is more to the point, rather than asking when they are free. Chris agrees that “Know[ing] your current appointment schedule” can be vital for closing a meeting. It can also save money on travel expenses through clever scheduling.

3) Close your mouth

As well as closing the meeting, you may also want to close your mouth. Jenny states that “Just as you can talk yourself into a sale – you can talk yourself out of it by waffling. I like to keep it short, friendly, informative” – perfect advice which also gives room for expansion at the face-to-face meeting.

4) Avoid giving too much information on the phone

This point links very well to the ‘closing your mouth’ tip. You do not want to give the prospect all of the information as this will hinder how much the sales person will have to talk about at the face-to-face appointment. The same goes for answering their questions, you may know the answers but it will leave them with an appetite for more.

Jan, Business Development Director also suggests that you “talk about the person who will be meeting them, referring to their experience and how they would value the opportunity to meet. This can lead to you asking if the prospect can see the value in meeting. Also cover what the purpose of the meeting will be about.”

5) Don’t rush the close

Martin, Account Manager believes that “Sometimes it can be easy to rush the close but that is the opposite to what you should do, slow the pace down” Listen to their feedback, keep the conversation engaging, and then when the prospect is fully qualified, close that meeting!

We are constantly sharing ideas as we feel it really motivates the team to keep pushing for valuable results and thinking creatively about how to close for appointments. There are many more tips on how to close appointments and if you have any you would like to share with us then feel free!

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