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Too Early To Think About Christmas? Think Again!


Jingle bells, good data sells… cleansed data is ace,

Oh what fun it is to have a high quality database!

Yes that’s a take on the ever popular ‘Jingle Bells.’ In the middle of summer though?!

Yes. For many businesses, thinking about Christmas festivities starts around now to ensure their data is accurate and standardised ready for the season. There hasn’t been a better time to start thinking about Christmas mailings.

Starting with PAF cleansing. It is essential to ensure a return on investment on any mailing campaign. PAF cleansing works by comparing data against The Royal Mails Post Code Address File. By being over 95% PAF accurate, it results in cheaper mailing costs; every business’ dream at Christmas. By using this service, you are able to verify your data against 28 million addresses that are updated monthly.

Another major benefit from cleansing data, is the ability to identify people who may have moved away from their addresses for example they may have simply moved house or there is a duplicate record, or sadly, they may be deceased. Without identifying all of these factors, a mailing campaign can be severely damaged and could potentially affect your companies brand image, let alone affect any return on investment.

Data cleansing helps companies to save time and reduce costs for mailing campaigns. Prior to mailing campaigns, however, it is wise to ‘health check’ your data to analyse the data accuracy and highlight any areas that need special attention. We provide a free data quality report here that will do just that for you.

Using the widest range of data sources available, Data8 are able to provide the most up to date information and allows you to be able to re-engage with customers who have moved addresses, which makes them purchasing your service 6 times more likely to happen. So don’t think that Christmas is far away, because the truth is; databases are being cleansed in preparation for the Christmas mailings.

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