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To me, to you


Shorts in the office, the demise of the cash register, a sleepover at The Great Wall of China, and a new way to help the homeless.

The struggle is hot. It’s palpable. It’s practically apocalyptic.

‘Where’s the proof!?’ we hear thee cry. FIRENADO.

Global warming and our impending doom aside – what to wear into the office? A cumbrous clamminess on the outside, an air-conditioning unit pumping air straight from the Arctic Circle inside. Alas, why there are more reasons to rethink dress codes than just the weather.

Back in adland, BT take them all on in the form of the coolest kid on the playground. A follow-up to last year’s “Being Dele” the spot - by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO - is proof of how far you can go with an engaging protagonist and, let’s face it, an absolute 90s banger.

Get in Charlotte.

Positive Percys versus Negative Nancys. We knew Nancy had it in her.

November 4 1879. The world’s first ‘ka-ching!’ reverberated around the walls of a dusty little bar in Dayton, Ohio. The first ever cash register. But it looks like the long-standing checkout favourite may have had its day. Cashierless tech is coming, and convenience is key.

Our fashion overhaul this week arrives in the form of the Burberry’s new logo and monogram. The age of understatement, indeed.

The name’s Bond. John, Bond. Budget spy name aside, the illustrator, designer and animator talks about finding his voice, going freelance and making his first children’s book.

The power of good partnership; from personal to professional. When a brand treats agencies as true partners during the pitch process, it has a huge benefit. A view from MediaCom’s Toby Jenner.

There’re sleepovers, and then there’s sleepovers. Originally built to keep out barbarian nomads, and now just a really, really, really massive wall – The Great Wall of China is the latest piece of history to be commandeered by Airbnb.

Continuing its #Nightat campaign of offering memorable stays at places that were definitely not built for bedtime, the wonder of the world is opening a pop-up outpost for four lucky winners.

It’s what Emperor Qin Shi Huang would have wanted after all.

A camp bed in a corridor for a mere 750 English pounds a month. Nice one London.

Writes the theme tune. Sings the theme tune. Facebook really do have to have a finger in every pie.

We can all get behind a Barnaby. Tapping Just Eat’s former chief marketing officer, Pret A Manger has created the role of chief customer officer with Barnaby Dawe filling the spot.

A scheme in Oxford wants to provide homeless people with QR codes, so members of the public can give them money using smart phones. But is there a fine line between innovation and objectivation?

And to end – of course – an ode to Barry. The entertainer Barry Chuckle, one half of the comedy duo, the Chuckle Brothers died aged 73 last week.

Following his death, his brother and comedy partner, Paul said: ‘I’ve not just lost my brother, I’ve lost my theatrical partner of many, many years and my very best friend.’

Here’s to me, to you Barry.

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