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Things CMOâs Must Know About CX (Part 3)


by Daniel Giordan
Partner CX & Interaction Design, Wipro Digital

Customer Experience (CX) Is a Journey

Are you a people person?

There are some people who are naturally drawn to interaction and conversation with others, always seeing things from a human perspective. My wife is like that. She can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, at any time. And I’m not talking about casual “nice weather we’re having” conversations either. I’ve seen people tell her about their impending surgeries or marital problems, all inside of a 60 second conversation in the checkout line.

In this third installment of Things CMOs Should Know About CX (part 1 and part 2), I’d like to address the fact that customer experience (CX) is a journey. Specifically, it’s a journey toward becoming a company that values dialog with its audience, and turning that dialog into loyal relationships. The goal is to create a company culture equivalent to my wife’s ability to connect, engage, and quickly turn strangers into friends. While some people (and companies) are naturally born with this ability, others, such as myself, need to work at it. Hence, the journey…

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