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The Year Of ... 'The Internet of Things'!


For me January is a month for reflection, consolidation, planning and projecting - taking stock of all the marketing campaigns you’ve successfully (or unsuccessfully) implemented in the previous year and hoping to apply learnings for the 365 days ahead.

I also try to apply my Marty McFly powers of time travel and leap 12 months into the future (very apt. being 2015) and predict the hot topics and annoying buzzwords we will ALL be saying … no matter how hard we try not to.

With ‘The Internet of Things’ being the overarching topic from which the fodder will flow - here are a few token thoughts on marketing trends, tech and jargon to look out for this year:

Day of the Drones

Yes, like Wyndham’s classic ‘Day of the Triffid’s’ where strange things invaded our ‘personal space’, I predict we will all become somewhat ‘tech geek’ obsessional about these futuristic flying devises that can let you see a bird’s eye view on the world for real – bearing the title, ‘Day of the Drones’.

Apparently on the run up to Christmas over 10k Drones were being sold a week. At an average pop of £30 to £3,000, that’s a fair amount of pennies being clocked up against this little invasive cash cow.

What perked my ears up more was the fact that the UK Aviation experts are issuing best practice rules with every drone sold, such as; flying too close to people or built up areas could lead to a £5,000 fine … hmm I don’t know how I feel about seeing a little drone peeking in my bedroom window, it use to just be the window cleaner I had to worry about.

And with Amazon looking to launch ‘Prime Air’ using drone tech to drop your parcel with you in 30min, I really do expect to see some exciting things from this airborne tech tool this year.

Disruptive Marketing

There it is, that lovely little epitome of marketing jargon speak ‘Disruptive Marketing’, oh so … 21st century!

But what is this ‘Disruptive Marketing’ the wise ones speak of? Is it not just the same kind of marketing we’ve all been doing since the powers of persuasion were born? Don’t we all aim to ‘throw a cat amongst the pigeons’ and 'ruffle a few feathers' in order to get our brands, products, companies noticed?

Who knows, I think it’s just a regurgitated way of the same simple marketing principles to keep the cool cats talking ‘cool’ and everyone running round trying to find out more about the all new ‘Disruptive Marketing’.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger when my next blog focuses on ‘The principles of Disruptive Marketing’!

Wearable Technology

Yeah, it’s been around for a while with Google Glass, smart watches and fitness manager ‘Fitbit’. However, I think this is the year we will see marketers and companies alike take advantage of these space invading gadgets to get even closer to their customers cognitive decision making process and persuade them to ... BUY MORE, STAY WITH ME and TRY THIS … aren’t we just sooo needy.

With Tesco set to launch a Google Glass app for tech-savvy shoppers to see nutritional information or add groceries to their virtual basket, I think this year we are going to see great things from the wearble tech guru’s.

Oh hi A.I.!

If you’ve seen ‘Her’ then you’ll get where I am coming from on this, and how intrigued I am by the whole, 'I fell in love with my operating system’ chat.

Considering the latest study from Facebook claiming to know you better than your friends, using social activity detecting algorithms, and Microsofts latest release of ‘Cortana' - is it warped to think that one day we will have such a close relationship with our very own virtual PA that we could jilt human relationships for a 'clever app'?

This creepy, cloud living, data eating thing will end up knowing us better than we know ourselves - our likes, dislikes, favourite restaurants, books, music, friends … even our sleeping patterns and likelihood to be late for work – you will accept my request to hit the snooze button Cortana.

Tech is moving so fast and the ‘big brother’ effect has been around for decades now so I really don’t think I sound a little crazy when I say – Oh hi A.I.

So there you go, a few of many thoughts that you may or not agree with but one things is for sure - 2015 is the future and there is no escaping it!

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