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The Truth Behind Paper


Organisations are always finding ways to promote themselves as environmentally friendly by cutting as much as they can from their carbon footprint. One of the ways that companies attempt to ‘become greener’ is by cutting ties with paper and opting for a print free office instead. However, what many companies fail to recognise are that these decisions are often based on statements that are totally unfounded. Here are five facts, taken from TwoSides, that show paper in a different light.

1. With 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, the value chain of Pulp, Paper and Print is one of the lowest industrial emitters.

2. The European Paper Industry has reduced the CO2 emissions per tonne of paper produced by 40% since 1990.

3. European Forests have grown by over 30% since 1950 and are increasing by 1.5 million football pitches every year – an area four times the size of London.

4. 90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.

5. With a reading time of 30 minutes per day the environmental impact of a web based newspaper is, in general, in the same range as a printed newspaper’s environmental impact.

At Datagraphic, we believe it is the management of your resources and giving your customers choice about how they wish to receive their communications which promotes sustainability. For example, if your clients wish to receive their communications online rather than print then you know that your printed communications wont be ignored and thrown in the bin, whereas those that do want print, it won’t be a waste.

For more information on the TwoSides campaign, visit their website.

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