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The secret to happiness


Another acquisition for Accenture, this time it’s Wire Stone, which bridges tech and creativity, and what it means for the full service providers, now that Accenture is clearly moving here quickly (and may soon overtake holding company Havas).

Programmers spread computer virus using DNA.

MPs urge a boycott of Amazon as its tax bill plummets.

Dave Trott explores the 'ladder to nowhere', where, "everyone is free to express their true self and dance around in ecstasy all day". Here he is again on Catch-22. Sometimes there isn't a smart move.

Last week you heard about the Silicon Valley ‘coasters’. This week it’s the workers who have turned to ‘microdosing’ LSD for productivity.

Trailer for 2017 Cannes Palme d'Or winner The Square, a satire on modern art by Force Majeure director Ruben Östlund:

While swearing is everywhere in literature now, it was nowhere in the 1950s according to new research.

"Sifting through text from almost 1m books, the study found that “motherf****r” was used 678 times more often in the mid-2000s than the early 1950s, occurrences of “sh*t” multiplied 69 times, and “f**k” was 168 times more frequent."

The company that brought you Angry Birds, Rovio, plans to float with a $2bn valuation.

On the other hand, luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu has gone bust, but you can bid for handsets at ‘knock-down’ prices starting at, er, £20,000. That's £20,000 per handset.

Using smartphones to bring a 2,000 year-old carving to life:

Looking for something a bit different? How about ‘Solstice co-ordinator’?

France – the choice for the good life. But don’t forget to chew your food, as this mystery double-death which has gripped France, shows.

There is a secret to happiness at work, and it’s not about work-life-balance (or maybe a bit), but it’s about caring less.

Grizzly Bear's new single, Mourning Sound, featuring Clémence Poésy and some mild nudity, from their forthcoming album Painted Ruins:

Yes the satire is in – Google robots are ‘intrinsically’ better than humans. Meanwhile LA street artist Sabo trolls Google.

Is the new frontier for virtual reality… typography?

Game Of Thrones’ costume department uses Ikea rugs – particularly SKOLD - for props.

Graffiti artist Tom Bob on the streets of New York.

Steve Harrison describes how his relationship with Virgin went south following a chaotic summer party for his client at his agency. His advice? Get your retaliation in first.

Deeply surreal ad from Three by Gravity Road could be the ad of the year:

Is a new European viewability criteria on the cards? The IPA asks Google and Facebook to get their viewability standards up to scratch.

Ten years ago the markets were unconcerned about the impending financial collapse. A decade on, should we be worried about record personal debt and a shaky bubble economy?

With Apple discontinuing the iPod (ironically, probably winning a resurgence thanks to the film Baby Driver), what are the alternatives for pure play digital music?

Would you buy a 'smart' salt shaker? Who wants one of these for Christmas?

So has Facebook won (for now), as Snap’s share price continues to tumble and we are left with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple dominant?

Diageo’s first head of culture and entertainment has left the company, saying content is at ‘saturation point’ and influencer marketing is ‘misunderstood’

First broadcast cannabis ad, to air on domestic US Virgin flights for wikileaf, an app to help you find a source when you are away from home:

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