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The real genesis of the iPhone


The 'brutal' design of an asymmetrical bottle, the secret to Dollar Shave's success, the world of competitive punning, the 'dark kitchens' that might be making your food, and the real genesis of the iPhone - to annoy the husband of one of Steve Jobs's wife's friends

Publicis will withdraw from awards to focus on its AI learning machine ‘marcel’ instead. This was the biggest story from Cannes - that one of the giant networks won't be at Cannes next year, and triggered some back and forth between Publicis and WPP. I wonder whether Publicis checked to see what its clients thought about this 'no awards' guarantee. It has also rolled-out a new Publicis programmatic hub, Precision.

After a tenure best described as 'turbulent', Kalanick has finally resigned as CEO from Uber, a business which has achieved a lot, made much more noise but despite all that has never turned a profit and is said to operates a frat-house mentality. A timeline of his exit from running the cab hailing company.

Did Tom Cruise’s influence turn the run-of-the-mill Mummy flick into a full-on disaster?

Industry bible Campaign moves to a monthly.

A brilliant interactive infographic of common mythconceptions - urban myths and common false ideas.

Virgin hammers out an AdSmart deal with Sky, bringing programmatic TV to 30 million homes. Their way to challenge the Google-Facebook duopoly.

Kiss bassist Gene Simmonds wants to patent the ‘devil horns’ gesture beloved of people into metal music.

Fanta’s asymmetrical bottle that took a ‘brutal’ five years to design, there to invoke an idea of 'freshly squeezed'. And a video to explain:

Did the iPhone emerge from the quicksilver mind of Steve Jobs? Or did it emerge from Jobs’s desire to annoy the husband of one of his wife’s friends? According to former Apple iOS chief Scott Forstall, the project was originally going to be a tablet (the iPad?) but Jobs switched the focus to compete with this unnamed executive’s constant talk of phones and tablets at Microsoft.

"'Do you think you could take that demo that we’re doing with the tablet and the multi-touch and shrink it down to something small enough to fit in your pocket?’

"We went back to the design team and they took it and they carved out a corner of it,” said Forstall. “Steve saw it and said ‘put the tablet on hold, let’s build a phone.’ And that’s what we did.”

Brexit and the march of AI by TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher, who says the UK will become a vast petri-dish for new experiments for the ways in which technology can replace people.

Which is better, Cannes or Shoreditch?

In praise of Twin Peaks (the new version)

Fully four minutes of Huw Edwards completely unaware he’s on air for you to enjoy – it’s oddly therapeutic and surreal:

Hollywood’s new Golden Age of content, which is digital and available through various media, open to pretty much all.

Is your brand doing any of the following? Think twice about continuing – these are the most hated online advertising techniques, guaranteed to annoy your audience, according to Nielsen Norman. In brief, modal (popups you have to close before continuing), video autoplays, intracontent (between the page content) and deceptive links are the worst.

Right rail ads and related links are considered the most ambivalently.

When you order food, you expect it to come from the restaurant – that’s obvious.

Well not necessarily. The food may actually be made in ‘dark kitchens’ set up in Camberwell precisely to service the Deliveroo culture, and organised by the delivery specialist.

An insight into the world of competitive punning (it’s not clear if this is a hoax or not).

The success of Dollar shave club in one graph: customer retention.

The new Moby video - he seems pretty annoyed about something:

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