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The many faces of digitisation


At present the biggest transformation is under way since the industrial revolution. Digitisation is a broad concept that includes everything from automating official procedures to e-commerce and remote solutions for healthcare.

The authorities in Denmark are working hard to digitise the country's public sector. The government is being assisted in this by an authority known as the Danish Agency for Digitisation, which is part of the Danish Ministry of Finance.

"We want to modernise public services and we want to save money. These two go hand in hand and are two major reasons why we're working with digitisation in Denmark," says Carsten Møller Jensen, Deputy Director-General of the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

As one element of digitisation, legislation has been passed to the effect that it must be possible to communicate electronically between authorities, companies and private individuals.

This has opened up opportunities for new companies to flourish in the market. In Denmark's case, it has resulted in the creation of the digital mailbox e-Boks, for which 4.3 million citizens have registered – approximately 90 per cent of all Danes over the age of 15.

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