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The Magic of Marketing


I went to see Morgan & West this past week. If you haven’t seen these guys, I highly recommend them. They are “magicians, time-travellers & all round spiffing chaps” (and none of that is hyperbole).

In one part of the show, Mr. West laments about how nobody trusts a magician. He sets out to redeem this unfair untruth by doing a "no magic, magic trick". However, he proceeds to trick the audience with incomplete instructions, ambiguous language and a little dash of bullying.

Might sound a bit familiar if you’re in marketing….

Wearing the white hat in marketing is not an easy thing but I entered this industry because I knew (and still believe, although some days are harder than others) that we can and SHOULD do better. For example,

  • We should let the customer control and share their profile based on their values and level of comfort.
  • We should give up sniffing the data exhaust and just ask customers for their interests and affinities.
  • We should have clear, plain English, opt in consent statements that clearly articulate how customer data is stored and used so that customers understand the value exchange.
  • We should be measuring non-response and negative response and not just positive (e.g. click-through) response so that we can learn when it is better to say nothing to a particular customer.

“You’re on the same planet as the people you’re marketing to. You need to decide what kind of world you want to live in.” — Queen Latifah at Marketing Nation Summit 2017

I would not expect to quote Queen Latifah but she's right. We built autoGraph to deliver what we SHOULD be doing in marketing - for the kind of world we want to live in. A world of Responsible Marketing; of Customer-Centric Marketing; and of “help the customer get the good stuff” marketing.

It is a "no trick, magic trick" and here is the secret: customers want your marketing. They want all of the great promotions and content and messages and competitions and reminders and personalisation and everything else you do to make them feel special and remind them to buy your product. They just want it (a little bit) on their terms and with autoGraph, we help brands create a moment of trust with the customer that results in measurable increases in marketing effectiveness.

You can be a leader in marketing, deliver outstanding business results and wear a white hat. We’ve proven it.

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