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The Intriguing Truth of the Brands at Christmas


During the holiday season people are in heightened emotional states, showing love and generosity to their family, friends and coworkers. How they’ve learnt to prove and demonstrate their love and generosity for each other is through giving. Giving of multiple presents, to those they love and to those they feel they have to prove their generosity.

Society can be seen as culturally and commercially setup to empower giving and making the holidays a special experience that goes far beyond giving. Hosting fancy diners, with beautifully decorated Christmas props enhances these wonderful experiences. As well as showing up in the most surprisingly fabulous outfits and accessories ignites so much joy for everyone to feel ecstatic and blissful.

Brands and retailers in particular are trying to feed off this emotional energy of love and joy that is present during the holiday season.

Brands and retailers all create their version of an emotional story in the hope that it triggers and resonates with a diverse audience. Brands invite people to be a part of their story and their multiple offerings of products and promotions should inspire people to create and have THE perfect holiday.

Being on all the right platforms, with the right message in front of the right audience is the brand’s utopia. A great example of this is 4C Insights which is a global leader in data science and media technology with solutions for multi-screen convergence. Having these insights is really powerful for brands, especially around Christmas, as you can see here for John Lewis and Marks and Spencers;

John Lewis and Marks & Spencers

Whether brands are absolutely mastering their strategy or failing to get enough traction seems to depend on how well they understand trends, culture and overall sentiment. Brands seem to have formed a preconceived perception of what people will want to buy or experience, and with today’s data and technology they know a lot about people’s behaviour and can lure people into buying anything.

Even though brands often find it hard to crack the secret santa code of reaching customers at Christmas, there is hope! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a guessing game to create an emotionally engaging digital campaign that not only drives sales, but also brand loyalty.

At Lab, we use a blend of neuromarketing and psychology to guide our clients through the planning and execution of emotionally engaging campaigns. Download our whitepaper which will give you actionable tips on how you can implement straight away!

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